“If I cannot have my cake and eat it too, then I do not want the cake,” says Von Decarlo regarding her journey to reach her full potential as an artist.

Von Decarlo, a New York based singer, actress, and television personality originally from Pittsburgh, PA, landed the very first audition she ever attended upon her arrival to the big city, and shortly there after, found herself in Belize shooting for Fox’s hit Reality Show, Temptation Island. She was voted off the show in the first episode by the other female cast members for being the most “intimidating single female” and received little notoriety for her appearance on the show; which, in her words, was a blessing. “It forced me to concentrate less on becoming famous, and more on becoming a really solid, well-rounded performer”.

She was engaged to the late Comedian Patrice O’Neal, and says that her title track Honest Righteousness from her debut independent album is about him. She says he called it the “stalker song”. The other side of her album title, Not As Pretty As I Used To Be, is a song she wrote about her own self-image and issues with low self esteem.  Along with new music, Von Decarlo will be re-recording these tracks and more for her upcoming stage play Lasagna, anticipated for 2015.

She wrote and produced the theme music Cool Ride for The Patrice O’Neal One Hour Comedy Central Special, Elephant In The Room, and you can also find her performing at various New York City comedy and improv clubs with her Musical Improv group Good Catch.  She is also the President of Gladys & Dude Productions, the company in charge of the name and likeness of Patrice O’Neal.

Von Decarlo is excited to announce the release of her first book titled, “Speak Fluent Man” The Top Things Women Should Consider Before Blaming the Man, anticipated for 2015.

You can catch Von Decarlo on Centric TV’s new hit relationship series According To Him + Her every Friday at 10pm.