Coach Von’s Corner

Popular, sports-centric stand-up comedian, Von Decarlo, joined the ranks of exciting, original programming on SiriusXM when she premiered her brand-new weekly show, Coach Von’s Corner, on the NBA Radio channel Sirius 207 XM 86, October 17, 2018, and became not only the first comedian to have her own show on the channel, but also, the first woman. 

“It is amazing to me that in 2018 you can still find many people saying women aren’t funny, and women can’t talk sports. Being that I am a black woman and stand-up comedian, I feel very proud that, although it was a short lived season on the channel, the forward-thinking NBA and Sirius XM executives put their trust in me to prove both of these things to be wrong. I was the first female to host her own show on the NBA Radio channel, and first Comedian; and I am very humbled by this historical, game-changing moment,” says Von Decarlo, “I want people to know that I am not a sports journalist, or a real coach. I am a comedian and a well-informed basketball super-fan, who has built her social media following and fan base in sports, pop culture, and relationship commentary; and my podcast encompasses all of those things and more.”